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Welcome to Thrival Living!

A note from the Thrival Living creator, Shannon Sheridan:
Consider the infinite potential of living a life where the experience of joy, love, appreciation, fun and contentment is the usual, and where managing those "off days" come with more ease. An invitation to easily blend the day to day responsibilities with the desires of your heart and the opportunity to allow yourself to believe it can be so. A life where you practice intentionality about your thinking and the recognition of the power of your feelings to guide you to the joy that is yours. Thrival living is about joining with oneself in a place of love and acceptance. Join us as we live more of the unlived parts of our lives.

What is Thrival Living?

In short, Thrival Living is about being connected and excited about your relationships and your life.

Thrival Living is a way of experiencing yourself, your relationships, and the life it is you are living from a positive and always hopeful place, with invigorated potential to create the life it is that you want to be living, now. It is experiencing the layer upon layer of relationships we have with ourselves, others and the world from a perspective of positive, wellness, potential, joyfulness, and unconditionality. It is unconditional acceptance of oneself with love.

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How do I learn more about it?

Shannon Sheridan offers the following educational and inspirational methods of learning more about practicing Thrival Living:

• Inspirational Coaching: by phone/internet/in-person
• Thrival Counseling (Marriage, Family counselor
licensed in California)
• Workshops better known as “Joyshops”
• Training for Professionals in “Authentic Therapy”
(CEU’s provided)
• Group Conference Calling

In the media ...

Shannon Sheridan was recently featured on KCHO and KZAP.
Listen to Shannon speak about Thrival Living and the Couples Thrival Guide.


Now Available:
The Couples Thrival Guide



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