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About Shannon

Shannon has been on a path of discovery her whole life. She calls herself: “a full emersion learner” who takes herself to those places that allow her to discover more about herself and her ability to live a fulfilled life. As a “Teacher” this is her greatest gift to others. Her capacity to translate her own experience through her loving acceptance, helpful tools, personal congruency and laughter, are helpful to others on their path of personal discovery. She is a guide who truthfully and lovingly influences others closer to the truth about who they are, which is always worthy, lovable and treasures. As Shannon experiences those around her in this way, it invites and encourages those who seek her out, to experience themselves from that place of respect, honor and love. It has required that Shannon remember the truth about whom it is she is (awesome and precious) rather then the “learned” and practiced way of experiencing oneself as not enough and lacking. She is the model for so many people as she practices her own life and path, with what it is she teaches and offers to others.

On a more personal level, Shannon was raised in the Air Force and traveled the globe moving every year of most of her life until she landed in Seattle Washington where she attended college. This experience cultivated many strengths and because of it Shannon learned to adapt, be flexible and live within other cultures and groups of people.

As a result of some of her life experience, Shannon as a girl and young adult, struggled with anxiety, panic, negativity, fear, insecurity and low self worth which influenced her to find her true self and begin her journey of self discovery. Following graduation she moved to a college town in Northern California where she still resides. She is the Mother of two children and a partner to her husband, who have been instrumental and powerful teachers for her. She raised her oldest daughter as a single mother for 8 years before meeting her husband. She loves to laugh, cultivate joy, teach, walk, read, bask, write, luxuriate, travel, hike, kayak, dance, sing, make love, eat good food and so much more!

Professionally Shannon has been in private practice since 1992 as a counselor where she works with individuals, specializes in couples and is a highly skilled therapist working with individual, family and organizational systems. She practices a “non traditional” and non pathological approach, teaching this to others where she holds the vision of people as always growing to the light, having great yearning and desire to be and feel lovable, creative, empowered, of value, joyful, free and adventuresome. In our current climate of focusing on diagnosis, behavior, problem and dysfunction, Shannon’s non-pathological approach is a breath of fresh air.

When people experience Shannon they experience an immediate sense of belonging. She teaches the cultivation of joy and love. As described by someone who knows her: “Shannon’s razor sharp clarity of vision combined with her ability to project compassionate love creates a safe, yet extraordinarily profound space for lightening fast yet deep transformation…if you are ready to receive it…because Shannon accepts all of herself I feel I have found a space for all of me.” Shannon has finished her book The Couples Thrival Guide and is working on a few others with current titles: Thrival Living, Thrival Parenting, Allowing Slenderness, A Vibrational Guide to Joyfilled Living, Juicy Morsels-Daily Tidbits to Nourish the Spirit and Authentic Therapy.


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