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An invitation to those of you practicing counseling who often feel there is a lack in the current philosophy, treatment and approach of working in this field. If you feel a desire to focus on what is positive, good and “right” about people, and reframe their history in a way that is believable, supportive and authentic, and want to believe in the power of peoples desire to grow even when it doesn’t always look that way…please join me in learning more about the approach of Authentic Therapy.

Authentic Therapy has a fundamental difference from most healing modalities in its foundation. It is the difference between teaching pathology such as focusing on problems, what is wrong, the lack, negativity, behavior, limitedness, diagnosis, cause and effect. Pathology focuses on symptoms rather then what is at the basis of all life. In Authentic Therapy the basic premise is: We come into our physical being as pure love and all that is good. We desire to grow to the light, all of us. How this manifest (symptoms) is a strong indicator of whether we stay connected to the part of us that knows our worthiness or disconnected and attempting to feel better through other means that may show up as behavior and symptoms that do not serve us and may have a greater affect on those around us. Authentic Therapy focuses on what is right within us and transforms, reframes what we think into a way that is true and yet feels better and maintains connection to our inherent worthiness. It connects us to our resources,

appreciation, evidence of well being, love and belonging. It is a way of changing our practice of thinking or our beliefs that hold ourselves in a negative light as not good enough, lacking, incapable, unworthy and other such negative beliefs. It is the understanding that this is “normal” and a part of our expansion rather then what is wrong with us and makes us “dysfunctional.”

The use of relationship in Authentic Therapy is at the core of the practice. It begins with a fundamental understanding that the therapist is an equal and peer to those they see. The therapist is simply a guide who has come through their own life experiences to find more love, joy and peace of mind.

Shannon Sheridan is a CEU provider for the BBSE in the State of California and currently offers classes and trainings in Authentic Therapy, Thrival living and Couples work. For more information regarding online and internet classes, please contact her through email.






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