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Shannon is committed above all else to being a vehicle, a creative vortex and a shining example for women to be able to come fully into all they can be. There is no greater cheerleader or guide a woman could ask for as she opens to herself. She combines a safety for the tender parts of the psyche, a warrior that challenges and demands that the woman see herself as an equal warrior, and a nurturing presence that invites the woman to be gentle with herself as she goes through her dark places in herself. C

I personally do not feel safe in an environment where the guide/teacher is all totally light and love and woo woo and denies the aspects of me that want my loving. I get this sense that because Shannon has visited her demons, she knows how to be present with me as I go through and be with mine. She is not afraid, so I donít have to be. P.L.

Shannon embodies her work and is truly at home with herself personally, professionally and spiritually. A person can feel this sense of ďat homeĒ when in the presence of Shannon and it is contagious. She is dedicated to the healing arts, which can be seen in her open, soulful, down to earth, energetic, healing presence. Her intuitive nature, combined with her straight up and real statements, make her a guide that assists a person in finding their truth. Shannon embraces the idea that life is not pathology, but rather a chance to live life filled with joy and outside of the societal box. S.S.

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Shannon feels like a beautiful jazz piece in the way she utilizes her incredibly deep understanding of human behavior coupled with her unwavering premise we are all complete, perfect and whole human beings. I am blessed having been given the opportunity to share time with Shannon.

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Shannon is my counselor, friend, mentor and confidant. Her depth of understanding and practical support for everyday issues invaluable. She has helped me be the best person I can be by being herself and giving me support to do the same. Thank you Shannon, you have been my hero!


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