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The Couples Thrival Guide
by Shannon Sheridan

With divorce rates increasing year after year, many couples feel the odds are stacked against a happy marriage. Marriage and Family Counselor Shannon Sheridan proves they’re not. The Couple’s Thrival Guide adopts a non-pathological approach, helping couples to focus on the solution rather than on the problem, and teaches couples to examine old and often false beliefs that continue to influence and impact them in their relationship with each other. People emerge empowered and motivated feeling more hopeful and optimistic in their ability to work through relationship conflicts. For the first time, this uniquely successful approach to couples therapy is available in book form to guide couples through each partner’s self-discovery journey and to converge their paths—allowing them to thrill in each other and their loving relationship.

The Couple’s Thrival Guide invites partners to find ways to empower their individuality and bring that strength to their relationship. Each chapter succinctly examines the individual’s role in personal and relationship happiness—from the law of attraction to the stance dance and ingredients of an interaction. The book incorporates exercises for partners to do alone and together and teaches couples the value of appreciation and the statement of “what we focus on grows.” The book examines the importance of discovering the thoughts and beliefs that may hold us in difficult places and the power of our resulting emotions to guide us back to ourselves and each other. It supports couples in learning how to separate themselves from the experience their partner may be having and the power of staying connected to oneself.

Through this book, couples are invited to practice new ways of experiencing themselves and hence each other without some of the common pitfalls of relationship. The Couple’s Thrival Guide is enlightening, empowering, and monumental in its approach to couples happiness.


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